Prayer / Praise

Peter’s praise report from Australia,

“When pandemic hit Cairns in March  I lost my job as my employer went bankrupt which also meant I didn’t qualify for Government assistance packages due to certain criteria. Also, I had many debts with virtually zero dollars. Broken down car and poor condition rental unit. I reached out to Jesus Christ and my Christian brothers in my despair who stood with me believing for miracles.

I was contacted by mobile literally 5 minutes after praying with my Pastor. This led to immediate employment willing to cover my short-term debts. This job was Monday to Friday only with hourly rate same as special days and weekends, whereas previously I worked long hours every weekend.

Now less than 4 months on with all debts paid I was offered accommodation in a resort living accommodation with the new car I paid for. And I moved into this last weekend which is close to my church which is about to resume.

I thank Jesus Christ for being the “YES” to all of His promises and give Him all the glory!”


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