Christ gave “gifts” to His Church as per Ephesians 4: 11 – 16 and 1Corinthans 12: 28 so His Church could be fully equipped according to His design and purpose. These “gifts” are commonly known as five-fold ministries.

Connections Church Cairns government under Chief Shepherd Jesus is the eldership which is the Pastors with these ministries we call partnerships.

The Spiritual fathers or prime partnership with the founding Pastors of John and Anna Kenway are Fini and Isi de Gersigny of Jubilee Church Sydney International they have known over 27 years. And with both Apostolic and Prophetic giftings establish the foundations Jesus builds His Church upon as per Ephesians 2: 19 – 22.


These Partnerships are Christ’s connections which form two categories for Connections Church fulfilling His mandate we call:-

Apostolic Partners & One Heart Partners


I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your parnership in the gospel from the first day until now

Phillipians 1 : 3-5 (NIV)

Apostolic Partners

Fini and Isi de Gersigny

This couple father churches across Australia and many nations and lead many International Conferences on the Prophetic, Encountering Presence of Holy Spirit, Glory of Christ and Grace Leadership. They are worship Psalmists releasing hundreds of songs to Body of Christ under “Songs for the Nations” and are pioneering one of the most influential Churches in Australia – Jubilee Church International Fini and Isi and their wider ministry team are our prime partners and minister regularly in Cairns together in such partnership with us. Our Pastors have known them significantly over past 27 years and are connected by Christ in appointed partnership.

Jubilee Church International

Gideon and Catherine Hoekendijk

Pastors have known Gideon and Catherine for many years through numerous significant international ministry connections in Sydney, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines and through Charis Bible College. They led our Family camp in 2018 and ministered in Cairns city-wide partnerships. Christ connected us by His appointment in Apostolic partnership with them and one of the most influential churches in New Zealand they lead in Christchurch – Harmony Church.

Harmony Church New Zealand

Rob and Glenda Rufus

This couple has planted thriving churches across 3 continents and whom our Pastors have known for 30 years being on their leadership team in Adelaide South Australia before relocating to Cairns. Rob and Glenda are based in Hong Kong and father many churches across the nations. They pioneered Seeds of Greatness International Leadership training of which our Pastors are equipped through as well as by their Leadership books and video series. They are significant Apostolic partners in an authentic relationship that Connections Church Cairns is built upon.

Rob and Glenda Rufus

Field of Dreams

The leadership team of this Apostolic and Prophetic International ministry based in Adelaide, South Australia are Todd & Rachel Weatherly and Daryl & Belinda Crawford-Marshall. Our Pastors have been in Christ appointed connected over the years with these pioneers of Prophetic leadership which minister regularly in Cairns of New Covenant realities. Daryl led our first Family Camp “Engaging heaven to Impact earth” and Todd launched our “Equipping Revivalist” Training School.

Field of Dreams International


Ryan and Kylie Rufus

This couple our Pastors have known for over 20 years before relocating to Cairns. Yet through the New Nature Publications Ryan originated with many authors and resources including many he has authored himself we have been connected in Spirit over the years. Connections Church Cairns resource significantly their publications. Ryan and Kylie relocated to Australia at beginning of 2017 and now regularly minister in Apostolic partners here in Cairns in such relationship. Together with their family at 2019 Family Camp and other ministry of their New Nature Ministries Connections Church Cairns foundations are refreshed and strengthened in Christ’s word.

New Nature Ministries

Jocel & Mylene Evangelista

Jocel & Mylene have been Associate Pastors of New Life churches based in Manila who have 39 network Philippine churches and 6 network of International churches influencing 1000s. Jocel & Mylene launched a movement called Jesus Festivals which through early conferences impact multi-thousands of believers which influence major Cities especially in Asia in the Spirit of Unity in Christ.

Our pastors have been connected to this Apostolic partner of Jocel and Mylene since founding Connections Church Cairns in 2014

Jesus Festival Manila

One Heart Partner Influencers

Susan Hoover

Our Pastors have known Susan and Kevin over recent years through significant International ministries and Christ has brought them into One Heart partnership. Susan is Global Evangelist based in Malaysia with ministry primarily through Asia especially Indonesia. They established World Impact Bible Institute to train workers as revivalist demonstrating the Gospel with miracles as well as mass crusades, Susan also has Radio and TV ministry reaching thousands. Being in Cairns with us early 2021 to unleash God’s power in us!

Evangelist Susan Hoover

Dave and Shelley Drage

Our Pastors have known this couple since 2003 as they also pioneer new church. They were with us as part of our leadership team of Connections Church Cairns before being called to United Walk for Jesus around Australia late 2018 under their own ministry. Yet they remain as One Heart partners in the gospel of Christ with us as we this partnership continues to advance

United Walk for Jesus

Hans and Yodie Batzke

These Pastors have pioneered churches and have known our Pastors over the years in Cairns. They have their own Feiva International Ministry to Australia’s northern nation neighbours but are united with us in One Heart partnership to impact the Gospel of Grace of our Lord Jesus especially to Indigenous people. Together we have sponsored NAIDOC Christian celebrations

Feiva Ministries International

Arnold and Khay Garcia

These Pastors have pioneered a network of churches under their Apostolic leadership All About Jesus Christian Global Ministries. Originally from Philippines they first planted in Cairns with significant impact. Our Pastors are in One Heart partnership relationship with Christ’s joining and share ministry platforms her in Cairns and Internationally. A Passion for the miraculous to demonstrate Gospel of Jesus

All About Jesus Christian Global Ministries

Adem Xhafer

Our Pastors have known Pastors Adem and Fitret many years serving under their leadership a number of years. Our Pastor John served together with Pastor Adem on the Executive team of Cairns Christian Ministers Network for eleven years and partner in the vision of Citywide revival and training of believer’s in the Spirit of revival as end-time harvesters. One Heart partnership together!

Royal Churches

Dr Edward Kim

Our Pastors have been connected in Holy Spirit with Dr Edward and Jian Kim to see Cairns revival and a rising up of believers from numerous congregations united both in prayer of unity and power of the Kingdom of Christ. The Kim’s are managing directors of Education Training Australia-Korea Inc. based in heart of our city where Connections Church Cairns train “Revivalist” in their Vision room. This couple are One Heart partners for Revival here and in Korea. Dr Edward role includes interpreter for Korean leaders with John!

Dr Edward Kim

Tapu and Roxanne Rea

Our Pastors have known Pastors Tapu and Roxanne since 2000 and over the years have been significant One Heart prayer warriors and united evangelism partners for our City region. Tapu and Roxanne pioneered Lighthouse all nations church and partner together as Church planters in unity of Spirit of Christ

Pastor Roxanne Rea

Bill and Loraine Scullard

Pastors Bill and Loraine pioneered Clear Ministries and our Pastors share the same vision for our City and heart for Unity of Spirit especially among Christian leaders in our region. Since Clear Ministries relocated to Smithfield our One Heart partnership has grown being together in same demographic sphere of citywide influence. Brought together by divine appointment of Christ!

Clear Ministries

Peceli Qarikau

An immediate One Heart partnership began as the Christian Mission Fellowship Cairns church was launched by Pastor Peceli. Our Pastors and both Churches flow together in worship, prayer and outreach across our region as we model the UNITY of Spirit of Christ.

Christian Mission Fellowship Cairns

Enoch and Summer Kenway

Our Pastors son and family planted New Life Chiang Rai church in northern Thailand beginning of 2017 out from their home church New Life Mackay. So One heart partnership has been birthed from many years. Enoch and Summer grew up in Cairns and now both churches support each other in Spirit of Christ to see REVIVAL in Asian and Pacific nations! Partnership from Heaven!

New Life Chiang Rai Church

David Kim

David Kim is the Senior Pastor of Always Community Church, Seoul, South Korea. One Heart connection grew from his visits to Cairns in 2018 and 2019. This developed into partnership as he invited our Pastors to Korea late in 2019 to minister in youth leadership conference and many other ministry times in Seoul. David and his leadership team will be sharing further One Heart partnership influence later in 2020 and 2021 here and in Korea.

Always Community Church Korea

Darryl Roos

Our Pastors have known Pastor Darryl Roos from Mareeba since 2000 and he was their regional overseer of them for many years. Pastor Darryl has sponsored our Pastor’s chaplaincy ACC role even to this very day. Pastor Darryl has the influence of being a Spiritual father to many leaders. He has spoken in various One Heart gatherings of Connections Church Cairns over the years

Pastor Darryl Roos