First Steps

Getting Started with Connections Church Cairns

The Best first step is to join us for a worship service

If you’re new to Cairns Region, new to church or just looking for a fresh start then our Sunday morning worship service offers you the opportunity to experience God in a life-changing way and to connect with new people.

Every Sunday 10am located at 7 Mount Koolmoon Street Smithfield 4878

Also, our church online will be continuing (10:00 am and 19:00 pm (QLD time) later this year.

Connect with Pastors and Champion team

Once per month newcomers are invited to meet some of Champions Team over informal luncheon catering for all ages.

Here you can connect with Pastors and other team members potentially relevant to you and your family to get to know them. And be free to ask any questions you may have without any obligations.

We welcome you to check us out on Champions Team link below

Connect with a small group that matches your life points


What makes church unique is not just events but relationships which strengthen us together in Christ’s goodness, grace and faithful love.

This occurs primarily in connect groups!

We welcome you to check us out on Connect groups link below

Connect as a volunteer to Community support ventures

As church we are all called to bless and serve our community and other nations. We have an arm established solely in impacting our local community. Also we are reaching out with various international support. Being a volunteer in one or more opportunities to serve is one of the most rewarding aspects of expressing love of Christ!