About Connections Church

Our Pastors

John and Anna Kenway have four children Joshua, Benjamin, Enoch and Hosanna as well as currently seven grandchildren Lucy, Charlee, Levi, Asher, Faith. , Elodie and Archer. (more to come)

They have been involved in leadership of Christian Churches for over 30 years in South Australia and Cairns. Moving to Cairns at beginning of 2000 with a call of God to be part of Revival across our nation of Australia. 

John was given clear Word from God to plant new Church in the heart of University in Cairns and with Apostolic partnerships pioneered Connections Church Cairns with some meetings in their home before launch on 24th August 2014.

Our History

Even though our Pastors have led significant Churches with initial credentials of Churches of Christ and currently with Australian Christian Churches Chaplaincy, as well as Diploma Bible College lecturer their call as per their vision led them with significant Global Apostolic partnerships to plant Connections Church Cairns as new.

As they heard God with others in their home in June 2014 received the name “Connections” and the promise of Isaiah 60 as their foundation.

They are fully committed to their heavenly vision of raising up a fresh leadership from all nations into it.

Our Vision

Connections Chuch Vision

Becoming a GRACE empowered Church in Apostolic partnerships that is fully prepared for end time harvesting and releasing of all nations into it.

Key verse Philippians 2:13

"God (GRACE) is at work with you, both to will and to do for His good pleasure."

Easy acronym for our Vision:

  • G    Grace centered
  • R    Resourcing
  • A    All nations
  • C    Connecting
  • E    Encountering God

Types of people Our Lord will add to us:

Ie "People of all nations"

  1. Those disheartened from Religious Church systems and organizations but ready to awaken to Grace transformation and empowerment.
  2. Totally "unchurched", but those who encounter God personally with radical Grace transformation of the Holy Spirit's new birth.

What We Believe?

  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God and our final authority of truth.
  • Jesus is the virgin born Son of God who died for the sin of the human race.
  • Jesus rose from the dead, ascended to the highest place of authority and will one day return to wrap up time as we know it and judge every soul according to the Gospel.
  • We who believe into Jesus and the finished work of the cross and are children of God to enjoy the love, grace and pleasure of God eternally.
  • Every human being is a worshipper.
  • We were created to worship the King of kings.
  • We believe were are called to live in the all surpassing glory of the New Covenant.
  • We believe we are not human doings but human beings created for doing great works!
  • We believe the FINISHED WORK OF THE CROSS deals with ALL of humanity issues including healing, deliverance and new life in all liberty and freedom with Christ.
  • We believe God is one in three persons who always existed: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God therefore is relationship true and living God who created ALL things on earth and in Heaven! 

Who are We?


We are a non-denominational Christian Church that is led by pastors and has purposeful relations with Churches and five-fold gifted ministries from all over the world which we call Apostolic Partnerships.

We celebrate the grace of God knowing that it is what liberates us to become fully and uniquely what God has destined us to be.

We value the Word of God, the presence of God for the local church to serve in fruitfulness in co-labouring partnership with God.

Our desire is to make know the New Covenant Glory and majesty of Christ to our City, region, and nation. To be God’s display as community people of what heaven looks like.

We seek to be a Church where the majority leads the minority.

We believe in growth. A Church prepared to seeing the lost saved, added and disciple. Every same part adds up to a big impact.

We believe miracles, healings and supernatural encounters with God. They demonstrate the love of God to the world and endorse the message of Jesus and His authority given to His Church. We therefore train and equip people to minister as Jesus is!

Ultimately, our passion is to worship God, empower people and win the lost!


Connections Christian Church began in the home of our founding Pastors John & Anna Kenway in Cairns to see REVIVAL. This call of revival is not elitism, but passion to stir ALL Churches in same call and be connected in what God is doing today.

Our Pastors have grace giftings of the prophetic and teaching to train LEADERS (especially Generation “Y”). Connections was birthed out of Christ’s vision to raise up fresh, enjoyable, liberated irreligious yet ultra-relevant Christian Church where miracles happen naturally.

A Church linked to the Grace revolution globally with partnerships to be prepared and equipped to gather in the end-time harvest with authentic lives demonstrating the love & wisdom of God empowered by His Spirit of Grace!

Therefore centred in James Cook University Smithfield until March 2019 Connections Church Cairns not only is called to train BUT RELEASE all nations’ people into ALL NATIONS! A resourcing Church connecting the prophetic voice and heart of Christ to destinies being fulfilled.

We launched i60 revivalist training school in March 2018 to equip everyday believers for our vision.

Therefore in March 2019 we will be commencing this training school in the heart of Cairns city at CQ University, Cairns Square. 

“If this resonates with your heart then connect with us”

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